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text based online game using php

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Basically I have this idea to create a text based game, der. Anywho, it will be based around collecting and breeding creatures (possibly dragons). This will be more of a hobby thing, though I guess there may be ways to earn money after some time. There has been much interest, and similar games run well. (Horseland, Wajas, etc) I have all the ideas, I just need help with the coding. I dont know where to start! If anyone could assist with either coding my ideas or supplying snippits of hardcode when I get stuck or screw something up, it would be grately appreciated. I do know how to read code, and I have various books and have done some previous coding (some java and C++) and once something is down I tend to be able to easily manipulate things. Im just not sure where to start coding. Please feel free to email me if you are in any way interested.

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