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I need to draw a 3D cube with high resolution images(1280*1024) on each side. Each image had to be half-transparent, so we would see all sides of the cube. And i need update(load) every image from bitmap on each render. I tried to use Direct3D (but it is no metter for me, what technologe i'll use), and i have some problems: 1. Loading Bitmap as texture takes too mach time - 100ms for each image, and help says, that device.GetSurfaceLevel(0).GetGraphics() cann't work with textures with alpha-channel. So, how else? Or maby my approach is wrong and I should do it another way? 2. Original bitmap isn't transparent, and to read and to set alpha for each pixel it is too long. I don't know, how to tell direct3D to draw whole image with specified transparency. P.S. Please, sorry if there were some mistakes. English is not my native language...

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Can't help with question one, but as far as question two goes, as long as your vertex structure has a diffuse colour e.g:

struct Vertex
float X,Y,Z,Rhw; DWORD Color; float U,V;


and you set up your renderstates like:



Then you can control the alpha of an entire textured polygon by setting the alpha of the colour components of its vertices as well as by per-pixel alpha information in the texture.


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