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Custom windows form icon not appearing

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I used the forms designer to set the icon of the form to a custom one but it does not appear in the top-left corner of the form or in the taskbar. The form is has ShowInTaskbar set to false and is also set to be minimized initially. To maximize it, you have to right-click on it's notify icon and then select "status" from a context menu. This maximizes it and also shows it in the taskbar. Now, if i use the default icon (the three boxes one), it shows up correctly, but if I try to set a custom icon it shows up as the white application window icon. The icon itself is in an embedded resource file and nothing looks wrong with the code the designer generates, but I've tried various things and i still can't get it to show up. Any ideas? (The notify icon is also custom and it is displayed correctly. It is in the same resource file as the form icon)

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