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Pixils per Graphic Unit (PPGU)

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If this is not posted in the right place, please move it accordingly, thank you. I'm looking to get inside info from others who have worked with mapping and pixils per square graphic unit. If a person is 6 feet tall, and it takes 60 graphical units high to reach that, would 50x50 pixils per square graphical unit be enough to make it look good? And secondly, how do you determine how much mapping per graphical unit is too much? Thank you in advance, BladeStone [Edited by - BladeStone on November 23, 2007 11:48:44 PM]

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Nah. That is WAY overkill. First off, a 6ft person prolly only needs to be 1 or 2 graphical units tall.
and a 64x64 texture should be plenty to texture him. I mean, he is only 6ft tall, and the camera is what? 200ft
above his head looking down on him and all of his other soldier friends.
(talking something like Empire Earth)

That is the issue of graphical units and your world. They can mean anything. Just cauze the object is 6ft tall,
doesn't tell you anything. You should be looking at what amount of screen space the guy will take up, and what resolution you are
targeting to run it on.
From there you know you probably want close to a 1:1 relation of pixels to texles. So you need to texture it accordingly.

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