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Exershio    154
I'm sure you've all heard about that Dark GDK thing Microsoft is advertising on their Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition website. It's supposed to be a game engine with full integration with VC++. Has anybody here tried it out or know about it? I don't want to waste my time with it if it's not too good, or if it's too slow, or just shitty in general. For those of you who are interested and have not seen it: By the way, it's completely free to download and use.

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soulcast    100
I've used DBPRO in the past and I quite like it, it makes coding games easier with the very easy to learn basic language.

The engine isn't super fast, but you could do worse, apparently the DarkGDK versions as opposed to DBPRO versions of the same program are faster due to the C++ compiler, but I havent really seen much difference in terms of speed.

If you look at FPS Creator which was developed using DBPRO, the games just run way too slow, they look nice and everything, but to get the best out of DarkGDK and DBPRO you need a really high end PC.

DarkGDK may have all the bells and whistles but the multiplayer library is DirectPlay, Collision system lags quite alot, which is why Sparky (TGC developer) provided and plugin for DBPRO which speeds things up ALOT!

put it this way, if the engine was so good, why would anyone be developing their own plugins to 'replace' what DBPRO or DarkGDK libraries do?

It's good for learning purposes and prototyping but if you want to develop and proper commercial FPS game, I believe you should consider other alternatives, but try it and find out!

I really dont like giving negative feedback, but what annoyed me about TGC is the fact they made the product out to be so good but quite honestly it wasnt 'THAT' good at all.

When they first advertised the product, they boasted about it's features, even to this day, I still think the Blitz3D engine (DirectX 7) is alot faster, as I have played games made from both and I was very impressed with Blitz - especially an FPS game called TECNO BASE ( which really impressed me, I've NEVER had that with an FPS game developed in DBPRO.

I realise TGC are working on DX10 products, but to be honest, if you quality I would go for the BlitzSDK! you can use C, C++, C# whereas DarkGDK is only C/C++ - they are working on a .NET version but it's nowhere near ready!

[Edited by - soulcast on November 21, 2007 7:57:28 PM]

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Baiame    220
First I heard of Dark GDK (a several years old product) being free. It's pretty much the libraries included with DarkBasic Pro ( but presented as C++ libraries. Considering the fact that DBP's scripting language is procedural, and all the "OO wrapper" projects for DGDK, it's likely not very OO, if that's of concern to you. But it's probably easy to use, so it might be worth checking out.

EDIT: If you're after a decent easy to use 3D engine for C++, TrueVision is one of your best bets.

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