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Memory Leaks - ID3DXAllocateHierarchy Implementation

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Hi all, I've been fighting with some memory leaks while loading the mesh. I was able to set the BreakAllocID (it works on my machine at home but doing exactly the same things it doesn't here at work...) on the control panel and looking at the call stack I isolated my last call:
HRESULT hr = D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX(filename, D3DXMESH_MANAGED, device, 
		&Alloc, NULL, &m_frameRoot, &m_animController);
Does this inequivocally mean that there's something not being freed in the implementation of ID3DXAllocateHierarchy I am using( I got the same meory leaks with the demo itself so it's not something I added (I didn't add a thing in the ID3DXAllocateHierarchy implementation). I keep going through the code but I can't find nothing not being freed. My guess would be it is some field populated by the DirectX runtime which I am supposed to free. Shall I post the class cpp? Thanks in advance, JI

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