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Unity [.net] Managed, Unmanaged : Use and Convert String [] in char * []

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Hello, I am working on a c# application which use managed dll based on unmanaged code. In the c# I have : String[] arraystring In the managed code : ???????????? In the unmanaged c++ function I have char* arraychar [] My problem is I don't know what type I need to use in my Managed c++ function. What is the type of the parameter : System::String^[] (with [] it doesn't works) ? How I convert the parameter in char *[] ? I found this post maybe useful:

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If you are writing a C++/CLI wrapper for your unmanaged function, you can do something like this:

array<String^> ManagedFunction()
array<String^>^ results = gcnew array<String^>( count );

for( int i = 0; i < count; i++ )
results[i] = gcnew String( unmanagedStringArray[i] );

return results;

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