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OpenGL GLSL matrix question

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Hi, Im rendering shadow map with FBOs on my engine, in the first pass i save level and models to a texture in FBOs. I works correctly. In the second pass i compare the texture depth information with the camera depth information and it works, but only for the level not for the models, because every time i render the model i use: glPushMatrix glTranslatef glRotatef rendermodel glPopMatrix So the matrix that i cought on glsl isnt the correct, i tought on transforming (translating and rotating) every vertex model before render it without using opengl functions, but it would be very expensive. I should convert my new vertex (after applying opengl functions) inside glsl vertex, would be enough if i multiply the new vertex by the previous modelview matrix?? Im quite lost. Thanks in advance.

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varying vec4 lightproj;

varying vec4 lightpos;

//uniform mat4 LPM;

uniform vec3 lpos;

void main(void)


gl_TexCoord[0] = gl_MultiTexCoord0;

gl_TexCoord[1] = gl_MultiTexCoord1;

//lightproj = LPM * gl_Vertex;

lightproj = gl_TextureMatrix[2] * gl_Vertex;

lightpos = gl_ModelViewMatrix * gl_Vertex; //light is in 0,0,0

gl_Position = ftransform();


I supose that the problem is calculating lightpos.

I must compare all the vertex's depth from the camera point of view to the depth from LPOV stored in the FBOs texture.

This work only for the level because i render the level from the CPOV, but after rendering the level i do glTranslatef and glRotatef and when it calls the vertex shader this vertex depth is not corresponding to CPOV so the depth comparision isnt working.

And dont know if i store modelview matrix before rendering the level and i pass it to the vertex shader will work?

lightpos = CPOV * gl_Vertex; //light is in 0,0,0

Thanks in advance

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I try to save CPOV before render the level

matriz CPOV;

And passing it to the vertex shader
glUniformMatrix4fvARB(glGetUniformLocationARB(glsl_get_program(GLSL_VARIANCE_SHADOW_MAP), "CPOV"), 1, GL_FALSE, CPOV.m);

with this the level isnt working neither ?¿?¿

If i dont make any translation and rotations, this isnt the same?
lightpos = gl_ModelViewMatrix * gl_Vertex;
lightpos = CPOV * gl_Vertex;

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I decide to do it manually instead GLSL.

But now im getting new problems

When i wanted to render a model i did this.

//...before i set the cam
glTranslatef(modelpos.x, modelpos.y, modelpos.z);
glRotatef(angle, 0, 1, 0);

Now i do this:

//...before i set the cam

//for each model vertex...

//coverting angle to radians
angle *= PI_RAD_ANGLE;

float xsave, ysave, zsave;

xsave = tempvertex[index].x;
zsave = tempvertex[index].z;
//rotaing around 0,0,0??
tempvertex[index].x = xsave * cos(angle) - zsave * sin(angle);
tempvertex[index].z = xsave * sin(angle) + zsave * cos(angle);

tempvertex[index].x += modelpos.x;
tempvertex[index].y += modelpos.y;
tempvertex[index].z += modelpos.z;

Inst the same? the model is on the place that should be, but the angle is not the correct.

Help please!!

Thanks in advance.

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WRT your first reply

lightproj = gl_TextureMatrix[2] * gl_Vertex;

i assume lightproj is the shadowmaps projection matrix?
now in that line youre not taking into consideration the glTranslatef, glRotatef stuff
ie u will need to multiply that by the mv or the projmv matrix as well

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You say this:
lightproj = gl_TextureMatrix[2] * gl_ModelViewMatrix * gl_Vertex; ????

Im no multipliyng the lightMatrix by the inverseofthe currente modelview matrix, should i?

I tought that gl_Vertex (alone) inside GLSL was a vertex free of matrix manipulations. So i want this vertex to be converted to light point of view to do after

vec3 pos = lightproj.xyz / lightproj.w;
vec4 shadmap = texture2D(shadowMap,pos.xy);

because the shadowmap is stored in LPOV.

Could you explain me your answer in more detail?

Thanks for your help.

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