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[Help Needed] Hi, I'm New

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jyzackoh    114
Hi everyone. I'm new to game development and do not have any programming experience. But I think I'm quite a fast learner. I have this idea for a multi-player 2d platform shooter game, and an idea for an MMORPG. I need advice on what engines to use, and what programming languages i should learn. Thank You, Zack

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CipherCraft    163

First try the forum FAQ. Learn a programming language first - any one will do - so you get a grasp of the process and how to think.

Then try small games first, as the FAQ suggests. MMORPG are huge projects that you shouldn't try as a first one. (Or second. Or third. Hell, even N-th. [wink])

Oh, and read a good book or two about programming, about OOP, about game engines, etc.


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