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spotlight jagged edge

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3dreamer Member since: 11/23/2007 Posted - 11/23/2007 2:41:54 AM I am trying to create a pixel shade spotlight by using the theory of inner cone and outer cone, but I get a spot light with jagged edge. It's not big but noticable, especially when I set the inner cone same as the outer cone (same angle) I see a zigzag edge, instead of a smooth edge. I also see black lines in and out crossing the edge. It's annoying. Here is what I did in the Pixel function. After I calculate the direction of the object to the light, I dot it with the normal of light direction, then I used smoothstep function to interplate the cos value: float3 objTolight = light.posW - IN.posW; float spotDot = saturate(dot(normalize(-objTolight), normalize(lightDir))); float spot = smoothstep(cos(phi), cos(theta), spotDot); IN.posw is passed from Vertex function. I think it maybe caused by the floating point calculation. maybe some points within the edge are rounded to the outside? any help will be appreciated.

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