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[web] Flash performance issues

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I started a simple snowboarding game, but after running a while the game begins to show serious performance issues. Try it here: I suspect the trouble has something to do with the way I'm simulating the movement (I'm moving the whole Stage as well as the snowboard graphic so the drawing API can leave a trail). Probably not a very economic aproach but it was usefull for some quick testing. I included the code snippet below. // reversed velocity to world/Stage _level0._x -= sBoard.vx; _level0._y -= sBoard.vy; // velocity to sBoard position sBoard._x += sBoard.vx; sBoard._y += sBoard.vy; I'm wondering about the standard aproach of such a topdown scrolling game. It probably involves moving all MC's except the snowboard, but if the board doesn't really move from Flash's viewpoint, how can I let the drawing API draw the trail? Any help, tips or links greatly apriciated! [Edited by - Kirl on November 27, 2007 8:18:52 AM]

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