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A problem is in the calculation of difference of zBuffer and Z of position of point.

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I get depthBuffer, through depth texture: CreateTexture(dx.caps.buf_w,dx.caps.buf_h,1,D3DUSAGE_DEPTHSTENCIL,(D3DFORMAT)MAKEFOURCC('R','A','W','Z'),D3DPOOL_DEFAULT,&bufz,0); I write down a depth in texture: CreateTexture(dx.caps.buf_w,dx.caps.buf_h,1,D3DUSAGE_RENDERTARGET,D3DFMT_R32F,D3DPOOL_DEFAULT,&buf,0); ---------pixel shader-------- // B is stencil, ARG are depth bits, A is MSB, G is LSB float screenDepth = dot(screenDepthARGB, float4(1/255.0, 1/255.0/255.0, 0, 1)); OUT.col = float4(screenDepth,0,0,1); texture correct!!! Then for soft particle in pixel shader I try to find a difference on Z: ---------vertex shader-------- ... OUT.position = mul(IN.position, worldViewProj); ... OUT.coord.z = OUT.position.z; OUT.coord.w = OUT.position.w; ---------pixel shader-------- float depthColor = tex2D(depthMap, IN.сoord.xy).x; float depthFactor = saturate(depthColor - IN.сoord.z / IN.сoord.w); and in result the value of depthFactor depends on distance of point to the camera. I am approached or move away from an object and the value of depthFactor changes so much :-( Such impression that values (depthColor) and (IN.сoord.z / IN.сoord.w) not much not comparable... Who can does know that it can be?

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