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[C/C++] reserved keywords and regex

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Thirthe    128
hello, i've gotten an assignment of matching some patterns, and whilst i solved the rest of the assignment, i'm stuck at the easiest part of it - matching C and C++ reserved keywords. when i run it through the system that checks whether i passed the assignment or not it said that my regex only matched in 72 out of 77 cases. so now i'm asking.. which reserved keywords have i forgotten? i've used the list here: shouldn't this be correct:

note: i'm doing this in OpenOffice, so there are some minor differences. \< equals ^ \> equals $

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Ra    1062
It looks like you're missing namespace, typename, mutable and explicit.

(Oh, and except and finally aren't keywords in C or C++.)

You also forgot the casts: static_cast, const_cast, dynamic_cast, and reinterpret_cast.

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