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Hi. My native language Russian, I use the electronic translator. I represent you the editor of scripts for AngelScript. Has flexible adjustment on your needs. For Windows, need NET.Framework2. Download here (494kb). If the program to not be started, try update vcredist_x86.exe. Name of program: AngelScript Script Editor (or ASSE). Current version is 1.0.1. Version of used AngelScript: 2.11.0 WIP Futures: - Compilation of script; - Preprocessor (from; - View/Save script after preprocess; - View/Save bytecode of compiled script; - Illumination of syntax; - Text autofilling; - Debugger for functions (with input parameters, only primitives). Wip: - Undo/Redo; - Comments like /**/; - Bind functions/vars/etc in program; - Your wishes? Script Editor Help Begin from: ScriptEditor.exe ==> Load -> ==> Compile .... You may change options of program in ScriptEditor.ini. Change illumination of syntax in data\Lexems.txt. Classes, Methods, Functions, Vars… declared in data\data.h Binding Classes, Method…. with AngelScript in data\bind.h To make dll run Make.bat Add/Remove Help Tabs your can in data\Help.txt. Hotkeys: F5 - Compile script. Controls: Main window. Tabs: Edit – contains tabs with script code. After preprocess – view/save code after preprocess. Bytecode – view/save bytecode of the compiled script. Help – help tabs. Buttons: Comile - try build script. Debug - functions debugger. Create – create new tab to edit script. Clear – erase text (if exist) or erase tab. Load – load script. Save – save active script text. SaveAs – save as active script text or preprocessor text or bytecode. Debug window. Other: Function – choose function for execute. Parameter – choose input parameter if you wont change value. Value – set the new value of parameter (default is 0). Buttons: Execute – start execute function. Close – exit from debugger in main window. [Edited by - cvet on November 25, 2007 10:44:35 PM]

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Original post by Jim84
There's no button to close an open tab.

While so:
>Clear – erase text (if exist) or erase tab.
Then I shall make closing on double a clique on tab.

Well and as a whole the program is actual or not?

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