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Kiyanov E

PhysX. NxCookTriangleMesh return false

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Why NxCookTriangleMesh can return false ? Documentation says that NxCookTriangleMesh return true on success.
NxTriangleMeshDesc		heightfieldDesc;
		heightfieldDesc.numVertices		=	33*33;
		heightfieldDesc.numTriangles	=	32*32*2;
		heightfieldDesc.pointStrideBytes	=	sizeof(DHMVertex);
		heightfieldDesc.triangleStrideBytes	=	sizeof(DIndex)	*	3;
		heightfieldDesc.points				=	chunk;
		heightfieldDesc.triangles			=	indices;
		heightfieldDesc.flags				=	NX_MF_HARDWARE_MESH;

		heightfieldDesc.heightFieldVerticalAxis	=	NX_Z;
		heightfieldDesc.heightFieldVerticalExtent	=	-1000;

		NxTriangleMeshShapeDesc	heightfieldShapeDesc;
		bool	cookInited = NxInitCooking();

		MemoryWriteBuffer	stream;

		bool	status = NxCookTriangleMesh(heightfieldDesc,stream);
chunk and indices are valid pointers.

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