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needs some help with my 2d framework design.

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Hi, I am writing a 2d puzzle game, the last time I have develope a game was around 10 years ago. While doing my game I have start writing a framework for my future games. I have no experience with any other games frameworks/engines from the last 10 years. so everything I am doing is from my head. I have done some kind of a resource manager for my game. the resource manager divide the game content by types. so all of my graphics are stored in a diffrent container then my music. My resource manager is can work with my own archive format which I love to call a virtual File System ( no, its far from a file system , it is just sound better :) ). my archive builder is able to export C++ definitions of the archives content. the resource manager add the files and request a unique index to a map. the index comes from the C++ definition that the builder provide. When an object want to get a resource from the resource manager, a request with the unique index needs to be made from the object. if success, the resource reference increased and the object recieve a pointer to the resource. My question is , do you think indexing is the right way to go ? while developing the game logic, I found out that when I have to add some kind of a resource manualy to the resource manager I need to allocate an index, add the file to the resource manager and from the object that needs the resource I am getting the object by index. does it sound ok ? Thanks for your help, Nuno1

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