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Visual Studio 2005 Pro Error With Source Control

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I finally took the time to install Visual Studio 2005 Professional and Visual SourceSafe so that my brother and I can easily work on projects together. I successfully added files to Visual SourceSafe through its UI, but today I wanted to test out the Visual Studio integration. So I created a new XNA project and had it add it to source control. I logged in to my Visual SourceSafe account and then left the default values. My project creates and everything works. But as soon as I make any changes to my code files, this error pops up:
Unexpected error encountered. It is recommended that you restart the application as soon as possible. Error: Not implemented File: vsee\pkgs\vssprovider\csolutionnodebase.cpp Line number: 2111
Any ideas what that exactly means? Is it a problem with my Visual Studio or Visual SourceSafe installations? Or perhaps the XNA project isn't supported? I found just a couple results with Google, but none had answers; just other people asking similar questions. Thanks in advance. Edit: Seems it's an XNA related issue. I can create other project types and the Visual SourceSafe works perfectly with them. I'm pretty stumped, but I'm still going to try and figure out what's wrong and if/how I can solve it. [Edited by - NickGravelyn on November 24, 2007 3:44:29 PM]

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