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need help please.

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hey all. i am really confused about how or where to start... but here is my story. i spent almost a year learning c & c++ , i have agood experience in writing alot of programs on high level (console projects). but my problem is , in all the courses that i took they never taught us about graphics or how to use direction keys (arrows) or any key.... in our programs. i asked before about creating games, but i saw things like win32api,stl,direct3d.. but i never understood the connection between them , the differences, what are they and etc.. for example if i wanna create a very simple small game in c++ , i dont know how to get things started, how to draw a very simple 2d object on screen and etc... please i need your help, i asked in different forums, and no one helped. hope you can help. THANKS alot in advance, i would appreciate that soo much!

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wow, thanks for the quick replies.

i tried sdl, it didnt work , i couldnt set up the library neither on visual studio 2005 nor on dev-cpp.
i followed the instructions word for word, but it didnt work.. :(

i have two question:

1) using sdl, can i make a game on a"window" or just console??
2) how can i apply the things that i learned in c/c++ on a "window" not on a console ??

and another big favor guys, what order do u advise me to learn first-->last??
win32api (i still dont know what is that), direct3d,opengl,sdl...

as you can see, im a total noob in these things.
again, THANKS ALOT for the quick responses, and hope you can help.

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a quick overview:

win32api: is the windows specific api for creating and managing windows(such as the web browser you are using). it is very usefull for creating non game projects. just about all programs you would use on your computer are created with the win32api.

sdl(simple direct media layer): using it by its self is a great software accelerated 2d renderer for making 2d games. it is also quite simple to use. One of the benefits of SDL is that it can be used in conjunction with opengl or directx to make hardware accelerated 2d or 3d games. it can also be used to make games that will run on windows/and *inx system.

opengl: a 2d/3d hardware accelerated multi platform graphics api.

directs: basicly the same as opengl but is limited to windows systems.

win32 is good to know and i would start by getting a good handle on using this. it can be used to make simple games such as minesweep.

sdl is very good at what it does and is also good to know since it can at the very least make it a lot simpler to setup the window.

after that you can choose which 3d api you want to learn be it opengl or directx. once you get the basic principals of one down switching to the other is not that difficult, basically just a matter of learning the functions.

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by the way.....
i got an old book, "building a 3d game engine" for "Brian hook".
but i couldnt find AST3D libraries that came with the book.
does any one have them or can find them ?

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