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Help with SSE SoA layout cross product

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With SOA it's as easy as scalar cross product. If you can write a cross product that works for two input vectors of { float x,y,z; }, then you can do it for two input vector streams of { float x[],y[],z[]; } in exactly the same way.

Try it first, if you have trouble post some sample code and someone can give you advice.

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Hi, thanks for your reply

Here is the code for Aos cross product.

shuffle two verctors like this:
y1 z1 x1 - xmm1
z2 x2 y2 - xmm2
z1 x1 y1 - xmm3
y2 z2 x2 - xmm4

inline void CrossProduct(const Vector& v1, const Vector& v2, Vector& result)
mov eax, v1
mov ecx, v2
mov edx, result
pshufd xmm0, xmmword ptr [eax], 00001001b
pshufd xmm1, xmmword ptr [ecx], 00010010b
pshufd xmm2, xmmword ptr [eax], 00010010b
pshufd xmm3, xmmword ptr [ecx], 00001001b
mulps xmm0, xmm1
mulps xmm2, xmm3
subps xmm0, xmm2
movaps xmmword ptr [edx], xmm0

But with SoA where vectors are like this:
x1 x2 xmm0
y1 y2 xmm1
z1 z2 xmm2

I dont see easy way to shuffle them unless Im using shufps which is slower than pshufd.


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With SOA you don't have to shuffle, instead you can handle 4 float vectors at a time.

X1 = { x1[0] x1[1] x1[2] x1[3] }
Y1 = { y1[0] y1[1] y1[2] y1[3] }
Z1 = { z1[0] z1[1] z1[2] z1[3] }

X2 = { x2[0] x2[1] x2[2] x2[3] }
Y2 = { y2[0] y2[1] y2[2] y2[3] }
Z2 = { z2[0] z2[1] z2[2] z2[3] }

XR = Y1 * Z2 - Z1 * Y2
YR = -(X1 * Z2 - Z1 * X2)
ZR = X1 * Y2 - Y1 * X2

Unfortunately it gets a bit tight with only 8 xmm regs but it's not too hard to figure out.

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