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3DSMax file saving plugin

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I want to write a plug-in to 3DSMax that all it does is export certain things from the scene file. NOT a typical exporter where say I iterate over the scene and store verts and shit a special way, No, I just want to make a plug-in to save maybe the .max file the textures and normals and all that shit into a zip file packaged and named a specific way, so that my program can read it without the need for meta-data. Is there a simple sample that someone could give me? Oh, and another thing, is there a sample anywhere for like a custom file loader (Will load the files written by the previous plugin, with viewing like thumbnails located in the zip files and display certain infos.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. [EDIT] Clarify, might've been confusing. [Edited by - neonic on November 25, 2007 5:40:09 AM]

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