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[C++] a tree and diff. g++ versions

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Hello. consider this function for inserting a node into the tree
void add_r(int descendant_, int ancestor_, node *&leaf)

                if(leaf== NULL){
                        leaf= new node;
                        leaf->data= ancestor_;
                        leaf->next= new node*[8];
                        leaf->next[0]= new node;
                        leaf->next[0]->data= descendant_;
                else if(leaf->data != ancestor_){
                        if(leaf->next != NULL){
                        for(int i=0; i < leaf->size; i++)
                                add_r(descendant_, ancestor_, leaf->next[i]);
                        else cout<<"error2!: "<<endl;
                else if(leaf->data == ancestor_){
                        if(leaf->next == NULL){
                                leaf->next= new node*[8];

                        leaf->next[leaf->size]= new node;
                        leaf->next[leaf->size]->data= descendant_;


when i compile this program on a win32 host(g++ 3.4.2 mingw special), the output is nothing, and the depth is 0. but when i compile this program on a freebsd host(g++ 3.4.6 [FreeBSD] 20060305) the output is: mofo mofo mofo error2!: mofo error2!: mofo error2!: and the depth is 5(which is what i wanted in the first place) btw, am i counting the depth right? so is my inserting function all wrong, or did i forget something, or do these things just happen? the whole code and input can be found here: where oce_ == ancestor_ and sin_ == descendant the tree should look like this:
   60      77
  0  1       666
      123       18


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