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[C# 2005 Direct3D 9] Stretch Texture

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Here is my code for drawing the texture onto the screen: sprite.Draw(Textures.Retrieve(Textures.Texture.Background), Vector3.Empty, Vector3.Empty, Color.White.ToArgb()); However, my image is 800x600 and my resolution is 1280x1024. How can I stretch the texture to occupy the entire screen? Thanks :)

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I can't be sure how things are when you use C# and what I'm guessing is Managed DX (which if it were me, I'd abandon in favor of XNA), but here goes for C++/DX:

D3DXMATRIX stretch;

// scale along x- and y-axis, using texture-to-screen ratio
D3DXMatrixScaling( &stretch, 1280.0f / 800.0f, 1024.0f / 600.0f, 1.0f );

sprite.SetTransform( &stretch );
sprite.Draw( pTexture, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0xFFFFFFFF ); // this is identical to your call in C#

This is pseudo-code and should in no way reflect production code. For example, I used literals where I should have defined the appropriate constants and variables to store both rt and texture sizes.

Note that this transformation can easily been done in a vertex shader...

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