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DirectX 6.1 SDK Download

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SikCiv    122
Ive tried download the DX 6.1 SDK, but about half way through, the data miss-aligns and becomes corrupted (only with HUGE files).
My PC is connected to a Proxy Server and im using Getright (maybe thats why), anyway, does anyone know where I can Download the files in seperate small packages, instead of one MASSIVE 71MB file?


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Myopic Rhino    2315
I've considered doing that here (I haven't seen it on another site broken into parts), but I have a feeling Microsoft wouldn't be happy about it. A while ago, several sites had a DX SDK Lite available, which included only the necessary files, but they suddenly all disappeared, which I tend to think MS had something to do with.

If you follow the link in our DirectX or Resources section, you will find many ftp sites with the SDK. I know several of those work, because I have downloaded it from them myself, using GetRight.

If that doesn't work, the DX 7 SDK should be out very soon and available for download from MS.

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