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Trying to load a HL BSP - what am I doing wrong?

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I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... I followed the description of the Half Life BSP map format from this website: http://www.geocities.com/cofrdrbob/bspformat.html But I can't even get the header to load correctly! When I compare the value I get from the file header for the 'ident' variable and compare it to what it's supposed to be, it doesn't match. I think maybe I am not loading it correctly somehow? I get the ident number 30, but I should have 1347633750. Have a look at my code and see if I'm doing something wrong: Here is the code for the map class (it only has the header; I haven't added any of the other parts because I've haven't yet made this part work).
struct lump_t
	int		fileofs, filelen;
	int		version;		// default to zero
	char	fourCC[4];		// default to ( char )0, ( char )0, ( char )0, ( char )0

struct dheader_t
      int         ident;            // BSP file identifier
      int         version;          // BSP file version
      lump_t      lumps[HEADER_LUMPS];    // lump directory array
      int         mapRevision;      // the map's revision (iteration, version) number 

class CHLMap
      struct dheader_t header;
And here is the code that loads the map:

//the correct header should have this ident:
#define IDBSPHEADER	(('P'<<24)+('S'<<16)+('B'<<8)+'V')
//it equals 1347633750 but the number that I get from the file I load is 30

CHLMap map;

FILE* fp = fopen ("fy_iceworld.bsp", "rb");
            return false;

     fread (&map->header, sizeof (struct dheader_t), 1, fp);
     int CorrectIdent = IDBSPHEADER;
     if(map->header.ident != CorrectIdent)
                          char message[256];
                          sprintf(message, "Error: incorrect ident in BSP map file (%d). Ident should be %d.", map->header.ident, CorrectIdent);
                          MessageBox(NULL, message, "Error", NULL);

     //... the rest of the loading code would go here

The map I am trying to load is fy_iceworld.bsp (which I took from my Counter-Strike 1.6 map folder). You can download it yourself here and try it: http://www.zvdk.nl/maps/cstrike/maps/ So if anyone knows how to do this properly please help... thanks. [Edited by - polyfrag on December 1, 2007 7:42:52 PM]

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