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OpenGL Depth Peeling

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Hi, I'm looking for a way to do voxelization using depth peeling in OpenGL, which basically uses two depth buffers, the steps are : 1. Render to depth buffer I (GL_LEQUAL) 2. Collect the depth data from depth buffer I on each pixel(that's z coordinate of the voxel). 3. Depth Buffer I is used for read only. Render again, but this time to Depth Buffer II (which is cleared beforehand), the passed pixels are the ones which depth values are greater than the corresponding pixels on Depth Buffer I and at the same time uses GL_LEQUAL comparison on the Depth Buffer II. 4. If there are new updates : 4a. Collect the depth data from depth buffer II from each pixel. 4b. Switch the role of Depth Buffer I and Depth Buffer II, returns to Step 3. else stops I'm thinking of using FBO, but it seems that I can only have one depth buffer at one time... Thanks.

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