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[SDL] "error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol"? VC++ 2008 *Solve'd*

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Hello everyone, recently I stepped off of DevC++ as it's GCC was still 3 while the nowadays compilers have GCC 4, in Microsoft Visual C++ (2008), which I for now chose to do a small test on I ran into trouble. Now this is the same problem that I run on Mac OSX Tiger and Leopard's XCode, something about a Reference. I included an earlier version of my game wrapper(engine?), which I recently created a small game with successfuly. But ofcourse I cannot port the game to Mac OSX since XCode uses GCC4 and so doesn't eat my code as there seem's to be.. Trouble with it? Now as VC++ also doesn't eat my code I am alarmed and would like to fix things so they work on GCC4, I have included the source of an older version of the game wrapper in it's early and simpler stage and I have also included the build log from VC++. Now I am certain I have everything set up right since the other standard SDL projects work fine on it. Older version of wrapper and VC++ buildlog: [Download] (Sorry for the rapidshare link btw, I am not sure where else I can upload these things.. Any suggestions?) Thanks in advance everyone, Jonathan Bah nevermind people, this one was my own error, I forgot to add the call for sdl_mixer.lib in VC.. ;/ That however, still leaves me with the XCode not compiling but I hope another XCode user magically stumbles on this topic and perhaps can help me. :P Thanks anyways, Jonathan [Edited by - Auriya on December 4, 2007 5:35:10 AM]

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