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building a camera system ...

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Hello everyone, i am trying these days to implement a camera system so i get rid of gluLookAt() >.>;; so i started building the modelview matrix and it worked after testing values on my owe matrix and using gluLookAt() after that i decide to implement simply operations on the camera (pitch,yew,slide,roll) then when i tested it i didn't face any problem until i do 2 operations in row like pitch -> roll or roll -> yew the camera goes crazy >.>;; i tried everything to figure the problem but no luck = i hope anyone can help me = code :
	void setupMVMatrix(){
		float tmp[16];
		ModelView.arrMat[0]=u.x; ModelView.arrMat[1]=u.y; ModelView.arrMat[2]=u.z; ModelView.arrMat[3]=-eye.Dot3(u);
		ModelView.arrMat[4]=v.x; ModelView.arrMat[5]=v.y; ModelView.arrMat[6]=v.z; ModelView.arrMat[7]=-eye.Dot3(v);
		ModelView.arrMat[8]=n.x; ModelView.arrMat[9]=n.y; ModelView.arrMat[10]=n.z;ModelView.arrMat[11]=-eye.Dot3(n);

	void setupCamera(_3DVECTOR<float> Eye,_3DVECTOR<float> Look,_3DVECTOR<float> Up){
		n=n.operator *(-1);

	void slide(float du,float dv,float dn){
		eye =EYE+u*du+v*dv+n*dn;
	void roll(float angle){
		u= U*cosf(angle)+V*sinf(angle);
		v= U*sinf(-angle)+V*cosf(angle);
	void pitch(float angle){

	void yaw(float angle){
		u= U*cosf(angle)+N*sinf(angle);
		n= U*sinf(-angle)+N*cosf(angle);

thank you, ^^

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Camera systems are more simple than they seem when your in the middle of writing one.

My camera system works on the principle of three vectors:

position of camera
direction of camera
roll of camera

When I need to move the camera, I rotate the vector passed in by the cameras rotation matrix, and then translate it by that value, so if the camera is facing in the -Z direction and you move it forwards it will still move in the -Z direction.

When I rotate the camera I don't change the roll vector, so the camera is always looking up. I have a separate method to roll the camera by a scalar, and then use this for the OpenGL UP vector.

My renderer is passed a camera and calculates the view frustum based on the viewing angle of the camera.
I then use GluLookAt(
c.eye.x, c.eye.y,c.eye.z,
c.roll.x, c.roll.y, c.roll.z)

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