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I need a sed ninja

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I have a large text file that's the output of mysqldump. This means that the output looks like this:
-- This is a comment
-- another comment.

USE `dbname`;

-- More comments here

CREATE TABLE `achentry` (
  `EntryId` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `BatchId` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `Info` blob NOT NULL,
  `Created` datetime NOT NULL,
  `Amount` decimal(50,2) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`EntryId`)

My goal is to get each SQL statement onto a single line. As far as I can tell, comments never appear on a line with any actual SQL code, so we don't have to worry about stripping trailing comments. Essentially, I see this working like this: 1) Get rid of all comments 2) Remove the newline at the end of all lines that don't end in a semicolon Step 1 is easy: cat dump.sql | sed 's/--.*//' > dump2.sql Step 2 is tough. sed operates on single lines--how would I make it strip out the newline at the end of lines not ending in semicolons? If it matters, I'm using bash on CentOS5 (essentially RHEL5).

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sed -n -e '/--/d; H; $ { g; s/\n//g; s/ \+/ /g; s/;/;\n/g; p }' dump.sql > result.sql

sed does not really operate on individual lines. It merely adds text to the pattern space one line at a time, and flushes the pattern space in-between lines. If you wish to work on several lines at once, just append these lines to the work space using the H command. The above source does, for every line inside the input file:

/--/d # if a line contains '--' stop processing it
H # append the line to the work buffer, separated by newline

$ { # only do this stuff when done reading all input
g # load the work space into the pattern space
s/\n//g # remove all newlines in the pattern space
s/ \+/ /g # remove all redundant whitespace in the pattern space
s/;/;\n/g # add a newline after every semicolon in pattern space
p # print pattern space to output

The -n argument specifies that the only script output shall come from the 'p' instruction inside, instead of echoing the pattern space after each line read.

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Original post by ToohrVyk
sed -n -e '/--/d; H; $ { g; s/\n//g; s/ \+/ /g; s/;/;\n/g; p }' dump.sql > result.sql

Thanks, that worked perfectly! Rating++

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I'm playing with uni/cluster, a middleware clustering solution for MySQL. Its command-line client to interface with the MySQL cluster (the equivalent of the mysql CLI) will run each line of the file as a query if the file is piped into the CLI (unlike the regular mysql CLI).

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