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[REQ] player sprite

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Hi, i want a sprite for a game i am going to make. Here are the details: Size: 128x256 Theme: MechAssault style robot, futuristic. It's for a 2D side-scrolling game similar to worms. Resources: You can check out this 3D model and convert it to 2D. I would have done it but i can't open .max files. I quite like the name too. Colours: Robot colours, like silvers, blacks and greys. White (or light coloured) trimmings around the robot, legs, arms and on the body. I will colour these sections in the game (player can choose colour). Additional info: - Side view of the robot. - Arms as a seperate image or a seperate layer/frame if it's in GIF format. This is so i can rotate the arm as the player aims. - White trimmings (as mentioned above) as a seperate image or layer/frame. This is so i can apply special colouring in game (using OpenGL vertex colouring). Here is a diagram of how it works. - Animated. At least an animation of it walking, i would also like one jumping but it's up to you. The anim can be in GIF format although i will flatten it out into frames aligned on a grid (if you've seen GTA2's sprites) I am going to have a few different machines that the player can choose from, so I would like 4 or 5 different sprites but one will do for now. That's about it.

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