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[PHP] Load and output image without uploading (bandwidth spending)?

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Hi, I have a script where I have to load a certain image and than output the image, but I don't want it that the server has to upload the image and than let the user download: I want the user to just download from the original fileserver (where the image is stored). So I have: File server (images stored here) -> Script server (with the actual script) -> User Users use the image tag to load the image: <img src=""> I thought about this for my script:
$array = array('img1.png', 'img2.png');
header("Location:".$array[rand(0, 1)]);
That works, except that it is not random! The output is always one image and if you reload it never switches to the other one! How can I make this like I want? Thank you a lot! Decrius

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