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dictionary of delegates c# syntax

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I want to register a callback specific to a key, so i want to have a dictionary mapping keys to callbacks.
public delegate void KeyProc();
public Dictionary<Keys, KeyProc> keyprocs; 
//public Dictionary<Keys, event KeyProc> keyprocs; //Invalid token 'event' in class, struct, or interface member declaration

keyprocs.Add(Keys.PrintScreen, new KeyboardHook.KeyProc(OnPrintscreen));

if (keyprocs[key] != null)
    KeyProc proc = keyprocs[key];

[edited: resolved one of the errors] [Edited by - thedustbustr on December 29, 2007 4:37:50 PM]

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Your test ("if keyprocs[key]") may be malformed. The indexer will throw a "key not found" exception if 'key' is not in the dictionary. If that isn't what you want, consider refactoring to

KeyProc proc;
if(keyprocs.TryGetValue(key,out proc))

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