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whats the differance, copying strings

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im having some issues with copying strings... im trying to copy a string from a temporary adress to a permanent using the string copy function (CASE2)... but it doesnt work... instead i have to do it like in CASE1, which for some reason works... im sending the string as a shader variable later on... and in CASE1 i get correct results whereas CASE2 is wrong... i dont rly see whats the difference?
// CASE 1
int size = 12;
temp.Name = new char[size+1];
for (int k = 0; k < size; k++)
	temp.Name[k] = d3dxEffects[i].pDefaults[n].pParamName[k];
temp.Name[size] = '\0';

//CASE 2
StringCchCopyA(temp.Name, MAX_PATH, d3dxEffects[i].pDefaults[n].pParamName);  

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Do you allocate temp.Name in CASE 2?
int size = 12+1;
temp.Name = new char[size];
StringCchCopyA(temp.Name, size, d3dxEffects[i].pDefaults[n].pParamName);

But better yet...

struct Whatever {
std::string Name;


Whatever temp;

... = d3dxEffects[i].pDefaults[n].pParamName;


// to pass to shader:
foo( );

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Original post by Dragon_Strike
thx that solved it.. had to use the data() function to get it working

Be aware that std::string::data() does not necessarily return a null-terminated string, whereas std::string::c_str() does.

Antheus's second example above shows the usage of c_str(). When you want a null terminated C-style string, you should prefer this over data().

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