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audiere fade in/out

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Hi! I'm using audiere for the sound output, but this problem applies to other sound libs as well I think. I play some looping sounds. When I stop them and then then start after a while from the position where it stopped, it makes some nasty clicking sound. It doesn't look too professional. I can think of an improvement, but don't know, how to implement it. When the sound is stopped, it should not be stopped immediately, but fade out for let's say 50 ms. And then after another start fade in for first 50 ms. It would remove this clicking. But how to implement this? I'd like to avoid using threads if possible (I believe such a complication is not necessary and would make only unstabilities). And another thing - when this fade out is not complete and the sound starts again, it should start at the volume level where it is at the moment and not from the total silence (it would make some clicking too I think in those cases when the sound is started and stopped very often). Any ideas? Maybe source for other sound libs would help here as well as all sound libs work at the same principles. Thank you.

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