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How do you exactly code a game

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I know the title looks silly, but I mean how do you go about coding a game, knowledge of graphics isn't enough to teach you how to code it, till now I had been been coding games that basicall follow this pseudo code

Game loop
    If variable at is 1 show title;
    If variable at is 2 show the first town

So as you can see, I have been using a variable, in this example at to tell whether I am at this place or another, and according to it, the game is rendered. Another way I had been using was by creating many game loops, keeping a condition which is made false after the work of that loop is done. Is this way systematic enough for large games, I mean can this be used in games that have long stories and such? I would appreciate if someone could give me a link to the source code of a game, preferably C++ and SDL, since I am doing 2D for now, but OpenGL would be just as nice.

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