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opengl game

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Original post by phil67rpg
what is a good starter game for opengl

In approximate order of complexity:

Space Invaders
Pac Man

Note that the 'OpenGL' aspect is more or less incidental; you could program any of these games using OpenGL, D3D, or just about any other graphics API or API wrapper.

Also, I would suggest that you just choose a game and go for it. If you haven't yet successfully completed a game, I'd go with one of the first three on the list (or something similar). Making a truly complete game (with game states, a menu system, and so on) is difficult no matter what (even if it's just Pong), so don't make things too difficult for yourself - just pick something manageable and dive in.

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Just as a note, before writing the OpenGL game, you are comfortable with the prerequisites. Be comfortable in whatever language you wish to use. Make sure you can do something simple like open a window, and draw a cube on screen. Be able to rotate it by pressing the arrow keys and the like.

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