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Board game input, irregular board

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Hey guys, I have a quick question on how best to go about collecting and dealing with input in a board game setting. The biggest problem is that the 'spaces' on the board are irregularly shaped, placed, colored, and connected to each other. I've already built the board structure, so each space is aware of what it's adjacent to, etc. What I'm working with now is an image of the board and how to register which space the user clicks on. I'd really like to figure out the "right" way to go about this... but as of right now my gut reaction is this: Create a mask of the board (which I already have from my first attempt at this project a couple years ago), with each space being a different color. Then when the user clicks to go find that pixel, determine its color, and match it to a list of colors --> spaces. I'd love your input (haha) on the best way to go about this. Thanks!

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