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Multiple Render Target FBO and problem in Cg

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Hi. I have problem with MRT with FBO in Cg. With GLSL shader all it's ok. It's simple pixel shader code:
void main(float4 Color: TEXCOORD0,

out float4 oColor1: COLOR0,
out float4 oColor2: COLOR1)
	oColor1 = float4(0 ,0 ,1 ,0);
	oColor2 = float4(0 ,1 ,0 ,0);
With this shader all it's black in ARBFP1 profile and 2 tetures are blue in GLSLF profile. With one output color all it's ok. Whats is wrong with Cg? I use ATI Radeon 9550 with Omega Driver 38.421 (the newest) and Cg Toolkit 1.5 (the newest) [Edited by - carew on January 1, 2008 11:06:21 AM]

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