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hey guys... need ur help... this is for any1 who can do LUA in WoW game, dont expect any1 who dont play WoW could get it :( got some addon what show me itemlevel to every1 item window. and id like to add there ItemID and VendorPrice (price what give me vendor for the item)... didnt find any usable addon :( so id like to assemble this1 if any1 helps me: iteminfo.lua: function ItemLevel_AddInfo(tooltip, link) if tooltip and link then local found, _, id = string.find(link, "item:(%d+)%:%d+%:%d+%:%d+"); if found then local name, link, rarity, level, requiredlevel, class, subclass, stacksize, inventorytype, icon = GetItemInfo(id); if name then tooltip:AddLine("ItemLevel: ".. level); tooltip:Show(); end end end end function ItemLevel_SetBagItem(tooltip, bag, itemslot) local hasCooldown, repairCost = tooltip:ItemLevel_SetBagItem(bag, itemslot); local link = GetContainerItemLink(bag, itemslot); ItemLevel_AddInfo(tooltip, link); return hasCooldown, repairCost; end function ItemLevel_SetHyperlink(tooltip, link) tooltip:ItemLevel_SetHyperlink(link); ItemLevel_AddInfo(tooltip, link); end function ItemLevel_SetInventoryItem(tooltip, unit, slot) local hasItem, hasCooldown, repairCost = tooltip:ItemLevel_SetInventoryItem(unit, slot); local link = GetInventoryItemLink(unit, slot); ItemLevel_AddInfo(tooltip, link); return hasItem, hasCooldown, repairCost; end function ItemLevel_SetAuctionItem(tooltip, type, index) tooltip:ItemLevel_SetAuctionItem(type, index); local link = GetAuctionItemLink(type, index); ItemLevel_AddInfo(tooltip, link); end function ItemLevel_SetLootItem(tooltip, slot) tooltip:ItemLevel_SetLootItem(slot); local link = GetLootSlotLink(slot); ItemLevel_AddInfo(tooltip, link); end function ItemLevel_SetMerchantItem(tooltip, index) tooltip:ItemLevel_SetMerchantItem(index); local link = GetMerchantItemLink(index); ItemLevel_AddInfo(tooltip, link); end ItemRefTooltip.ItemLevel_SetHyperlink = ItemRefTooltip.SetHyperlink; ItemRefTooltip.SetHyperlink = ItemLevel_SetHyperlink; GameTooltip.ItemLevel_SetHyperlink = GameTooltip.SetHyperlink; GameTooltip.SetHyperlink = ItemLevel_SetHyperlink; GameTooltip.ItemLevel_SetBagItem = GameTooltip.SetBagItem; GameTooltip.SetBagItem = ItemLevel_SetBagItem; GameTooltip.ItemLevel_SetInventoryItem = GameTooltip.SetInventoryItem; GameTooltip.SetInventoryItem = ItemLevel_SetInventoryItem; GameTooltip.ItemLevel_SetAuctionItem = GameTooltip.SetAuctionItem; GameTooltip.SetAuctionItem = ItemLevel_SetAuctionItem; GameTooltip.ItemLevel_SetLootItem = GameTooltip.SetLootItem; GameTooltip.SetLootItem = ItemLevel_SetLootItem; GameTooltip.ItemLevel_SetMerchantItem = GameTooltip.SetMerchantItem; GameTooltip.SetMerchantItem = ItemLevel_SetMerchantItem;

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