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Reconstruction of sphere-like object based on two sets of data (H&V)

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Hello everybody, while this questions seems to be extreamly easy at first look, I've been trying to solve it for a few days without any luck. I have two sets of data, one for horizontal and one for vertical planes. This data looks like angle = value 1 = 10.1 2 = 10.0 ... 359 = 10.1 Something like this I need to reconstruct the original object which can look like this or this I am aware of the fact, that reconstruction will not be 100% accurate and that I need to interpolate between known value. I have an article which describes this situation and offers following solution Unfortunantly this doesn't work. Maybe because the article a bit incorrect when it comes to second data set(fact that second set is in 0-360, not 0-180 range is completly ignored, in article, but seems to affect given formula). So I need to solve problem of getting a value of function F(h_angle,v_angle) = ?, by using known vectors from this angles. check this image I can use my backgroung math library and VectorLerp function from it, which do linear interpolation, but i need to know how to express proportion of two vectors. Thx in advance.

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