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uCalc Fast Math Parser

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I have done a search in these forums for "math parser", "expression parser", and "expression evaluator", and noticed that this topic seems to be of interest in the gaming community. Creating an expression parser can be fun. But as some of you may have noticed, writing a good one is not a simple task. If you'd rather spend your most creative energies developing games, instead of spending precious time creating a parsing engine, then you may want to consider using the ready-made and time-tested uCalc Fast Math Parser, which a number of companies have come to rely on over the years. uCalc is particularly easy to use for those who just want to evaluate expressions like "5*x+2^x". But it is also very flexible in case you want to define overloaded operators and functions, link to various API DLLs (think DirectX, OpenGL, etc), change FPU settings, or modify the syntax etc. Game developers are likely interested in maximum speed. "Fast" is part of the product name for a very good reason (especially in this latest version, which is faster than ever). If you are concerned about the price, there is an inexpensive Lite version for those who don't care for all the advanced features. (And shhh! Don't tell anyone else, but if you look at the help file under License, there is also a Free license for those who can settle with just the basics; which covers quite a bit actually). uCalc FMP supports .NET compilers such as C#, Visual Basic .NET etc, as well as non-.NET compilers such as VB classic, PowerBASIC, Delphi, VC++, and Borland C++ Builder. So if you don't want to get bogged down with BNF, lexical analysis, grammars, tokenizers, parsing trees, Lex, Yacc, and parsing theory, and you just want to get on with writing games, then visit www.ucalc.com , and download uCalc Fast Math Parser. If you are into scripting, then check out uCalc Language Builder ( www.ucalc.com/langbuilder.html ). I also welcome feedback from the gaming community. I'll be checking this forum as well as my e-mail. Daniel Corbier www.ucalc.com

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