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Real-time updatable Maya 2008 plug-in

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Hello! I have come up with an idea of a plug-in I would like to implement using the Maya 2008 API. The idea is to use TrackIR to navigate in the viewport by changing the position and direction of the persp camera in the Maya viewport. I have not been working with the API before and have now begun looking into the stuff. I have understood that you simply implement a loadPlugin and unloadPlugin function to run the plug-in, which I have got to work fine. I also did a small test plug-in where I implemented a MPxCommand object by inheriting from this class and implement the doIt function which Maya called as expected when it should. To realise my idea I need Maya to call a function in my plug-in each frame which I can use to read the transformation from my TrackIR and then set theses values to the persp camera. So to my question: Is there a class I should derive from which have a function Maya will do a callback to each frame? Or what do you experienced plug-in coders think is the best solution? I appreciate any tips and ideas I can get. Thanks a lot for your help! /Klarre

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