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Tryin To Plan

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Ok so I decided to give up what Ive been doing and go back to school.. Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be in the game development field. I have always played them and can truly see my self enjoying a designing position. My only question is currently I am returning to school to finish my computer science degree and I am wondering if this is a good route to take to eventually become a designer. I have always loved programming as well and if spending a few (or several) years programming to get my foot in the door then so be it. But I just want to make sure this is the best approach. I am basically looking to see if there is another type of degree I should pursue. Or if design jobs are based completely of experience and I should direct my focus on getting in the door now to start building a resume anyway I can or follow threw with the current plan. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Also by game design I mean eventually getting into a lead design position. one who collaborates between all elements of the team and helps design the integration of the story into the gameplay as well as the gameplay itself. I figure that of course there are different levels of design leading into this. Just not sure which direction to head off in first.

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