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C# and C++ output streams

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So I am writing an application in C# which creates another process that is a C++ or C program. It is an interactive C program that asks the user for input and all that. What the problem is is that the C program is not releasing or flushing its output stream, and I need to take that output and put it into a C# textbox in the other application in real time. I can get the output when the C program terminates but that does me no good. I have searched the web far and wide but nothing works. I have tried setting up delegates and events and multi threading the C# stuff but it always halts when trying to read the output from the C app. I even created a test C app that I flushed and didn't flush the output and it confirmed what I thought. The problem is I do not have the source code to this C app and therefor can not change it. Is there anything I can do, or am I out of luck? Drox

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