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ID3DXSprite with texture splatting

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Hello! I am currently working on a 2D tile-based game. After several attempts I created an animated water tile and saved it to a png-file. I render all my sprites and textures with the ID3DXSprite interface and it works pretty well. By adjusting the texture rectangle I draw the correct part of the texture and get the animation. Now I had the idea that by apllying an alpha map to my water tile I might create a nice beach effect, with the water gradually fading out towards the shore. My question now is how i can achieve this without creating another water texture containing the alpha channel. Is there any way to dynamically load an alpha map (from a seperate file) and apply it to my water tile? I think texture splatting is what I am looking for here, but I haven't found anything about it in combination with ID3DXSprite. What I eventually want to do is actually animate the alpha map to get the effect of waves flowing in and out of the beach. But a static alpha map would at least be a start .... Thanks in advance!

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