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Directshow: RenderFile() not working reliable

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Hello, I am trying to play mp3s with DirectShow which actually was working quite fast. I followed the MSDN library examples and just used the RenderFile function to do all the work. Well, today I continued to work on it, but on another PC and noticed that unfortunately, on this PC it is not working. In fact the problem is so big that my program simply closes at some point. By debugging I identified the RenderFile function to be the problem. I made sure that I am not doing any mistakes and also checked for this problem on the net a little bit and understand that this function is not the most stable. The assumption seems to be that it selects the wrong filter after searching for good candidates and then crashes. I tried on the same PC to play the file with a normal player and it works fine. I understand that there must be a more robust way than just relying on RenderFile. All my searching for good examples did not yield much results though. Does anybody have a recommondation ?

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