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Well you can Download updated source from Andy's site, but the instructions indicate you need the original files as well. Assuming your CD is damaged or lost then you should contact the publisher (Sams is now owned by Pearson it seems) as they tend to offer a free replacement service. In the various books I own the details are usually inside the front cover.

It would be against forum rules to post source code that is not freely available. I'll allow the thread to remain open should anyone know about replacement CD's.


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Original post by chemist
Thanx JACK, Can u mail me road.x and car.x files form the cd rom? I need these files to compile the source and run. my e-mail address is:
I assume Jack doesn't have the book or CD-ROM. What's wrong with your CD? As Jack said, it's illegal to post the files here, or to E-mail them. If you have a copy of the book, you can request a replacement CD from the publishers, or you could try contacting the author if that fails.

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