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DXUT: Can't run executable outside solution folders.

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Hi All, I am a DirectX newbie, so go easy on me. I developed a sort of 3D Viewer with the DXUT framework. There is a minor memory leak I am trying to track down but it's not so easy. Anyway the problem is the following: I build the solution in release then I go to my release folder to get the executable. If I run it in there it works fine. It I take it out of that directory it doesn't work throwing the error dialog "D3D Device has non-zero reference count, meaning some objects were not released". Then I get another dialog with "Could not find required media. Ensure that the DirectX SDK in correctly installed" -Obviuosly it is- then it shuts down. How do I get it working outside the solution folders? Any help would be much appreciated. JI

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