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DX Material History (10?, 9, 8, ... etc)

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Hi Folks, I am writing a class for modifying DX material properties, and I was thinking of implementing it as a template to handle different versions of DirectX. Curious if anyone knows how long the DX material structure has been around in the form:

typedef struct _D3DMATERIAL8 {
    D3DCOLORVALUE   Diffuse;
    D3DCOLORVALUE   Ambient;
    D3DCOLORVALUE   Specular;
    D3DCOLORVALUE   Emissive;
    float           Power;

and if there is something similar in DX10? Thanks - Mucho.

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Well, that material structure is for the fixed pipe's lighting. You need to make your own for shader usage (or have the shader expect that one). Seeing as how D3D10 doesn't have a fixed pipeline anymore, D3D10 has no pre-defined material structure.

If you're starting an engine now, it will likely be for shader capable hardware. You can make your own light and material structures and use them across DX8, DX9, D3D10, OpenGL w/ GLSL or Cg.

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