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MMO Arrays (Blitz 3D)

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I'm having a little trouble with the arrays for an MMO. I can't think of a way to create the array for, say, 2,000 players with the abiliity to individually customize their characters w/out changing every character in the game (For players = 1 to 2000) and w/ out using millions of lines of code to create the individually customizeable characters. Any ideas? I thought that I might have to go with a Type but I'm lost there too. I know I'm a noob but be patient with me plz.

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This should probably be in the beginners section.

Does blitz allow for OOP? If so that's an ideal thing to learn.

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If you have hash tables, then I suggest putting each player in its own structure/object, and giving each player an ID. The hash table then maps from ID to object, and you modify that object.

If you don't have hash tables, but you have linked lists and arrays, you can build a hash table on your own.

If you don't have structs/objects, then you can create one array per attribute (name, color, class, whatnot). Then, give each player an ID that is simply the index into this array. You must allow some slots in the array to be empty when players disconnect, and then re-use those empty slots when new players connect, so that the ID of existing players doesn't change.

However, given that you need help with these basic data structures, I suggest you try writing something simpler than an MMO -- or that you use an existing creation toolkit, such as RealmCrafter (which is aimed at newbies).

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Blitz3D/TCP Programmer. Blitz3D is not an OOP but has types, kind of like objects, this is the best way to do it.

Global ID%

Type Player

Field ID%
Field Name$
Field Level%
Field Race$
Field Class$
Field X#
Field Y#
Field Z#

End Type

P.Player = New Player
P\ID% = NewID()
P\Name$ = "Bob"
P\Level% = 70
P\Class$ = "Human" ;May want to change to integer
P\Race$ = "Warrior" ;May want to change to integer
P\X# = 0
P\Y# = 0
P\Z# = 0

LookID% = 1

For P.Player = Each Player

If P\ID% = LookID%

Print "Name: " + P\Name$
Print "Level: " + P\Level%
Print "Class: " + P\Class$
Print "Race: " + P\Race$
Print "X: " + P\X#
Print "Y: " + P\Y#
Print "Z: " + P\Z#

End If



Function NewID()

ID% = ID% + 1

Return ID%

End Function

Hope that helped... I dont know your level of programmer experience, but the code above is fairly simple blitz code.

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