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i have a land normal and a guy

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do i have to use a martix? i wanted to be able to find the x and z and y angles seperately of a vector.

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Theres no 'forumula' per se,
Rather all you have to do is set the 'guy's local z axis equal to the normal of the floor, then decide on where his local x and y should point.

Typically I'll just choose to keep the previous direction he was facing matching the new position. (where y is his front)

So something like:

x1=y0 cross z1 //note the use of y0 here, to ref. the previous dir. heading
y1=z1 cross x1
normalize x1
normalize y1
normalize z1

then just use those 3 axis to define an orientation matrix, much simpler than trying to compute a set of angles

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